Avoid These Common Business Email Pitfalls - ISU - The Olson Duncan Agency

Designing an email template could be an arduous task for any business. However, you must deploy innovative practices to create an email template for your email marketing.

This article will walk you through some of the general mistakes committed while crafting an email template design.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you to make the most conversions from your prospect list.

And many business owners commit the mistake of buying a database as they don’t know how to find out someone’s email.

Let me tell you how.

How to Find Someone’s Email?

You can include the email lookup tools like GetEmail.io in your marketing strategy to identify your prospects’ email format accurately.

The search tool saves your time and effort with its advanced technology.

With this tool, you can find anyone’s email address within a few seconds without any hassle, and you no more have to worry about how to find out someone’s email address. 

Designing Emails for Single Device

When you care about the experience of your email recipients, you must take into consideration different devices.

However, people generally design their emails for a particular type of email, which is a most committed mistake.

Hence you must test how your email will appear and how the reader’s experience is going to be.

Ignoring the Color Pallete of Your Email Template Design

A vast majority of the consumers purchase a product because of the colorful adverts. 

Likewise, in email marketing, colors play a vital role. It helps emphasize the significant elements in the email, conveys your brand value, and becomes an identity for your brand.

Embedding Videos in Email

I recommend that you create an image and redirect it to a video on your landing page. 

By doing so, you can easily track the people clicking on the link & how many of them have landed on the landing page.

If you want more interaction than just views, you must have the video on your landing page, giving you more control over your prospect’s following action.

Using a Lot Many Images in One Email

A straightward answer to why it’s of no use to have many images in one email is that most users would have disabled the image loading on their devices. 

Hence it’s of no use to convey the message through an image.

Maybe you can use live text on the image to overcome this hurdle.

Failing to Provide a Browser Version of Your Email Template Design

It’s entirely possible that your prospects may face loading issues in the email. 

For such cases, you should have provided an option to see the browser version so that they don’t miss out on your message.

Not Giving Unsubscribe Option

Making it easy for your prospects to unsubscribe to your email newsletter is significant. When you do this, your prospects will respect you for considering their choices.

Otherwise, you would be at risk of getting marked as spam, which in turn affects your deliverability.

Besides this, your email list will not be healthy anymore when you keep the people not interested in your brand or product in the list.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find this helpful in designing an email template for your next campaign avoiding general mistakes.